Meet Our Artists

Welcome to our artist page! Here you can see all of our artists we currently have signed on with us, including a short bio, work samples and links to contract an artist if you desire to get a custom art design made to your specifications. Prices will vary artists to artist.
Dan Kohout (Founder)
Hi, my name is Dan and I'm not only the founder and CEO of Exodus Longboard Company, but also the lead designer for this company. I've been involved with art for almost a decade: with mediums such as acrylic paint, drawing, wood engraving, and digital media. In the last 2 years, I've created over a dozen custom boards for individuals. It's a passion of mine to create unique art and empower skaters to stand out. You can read about my story and how this company first started in the link below.              

Kevin Carden (Digital Artist from North Carolina)


My name is Kevin Carden and I have been involved with photography in some format for almost 15 years. However in the last 8 years I have really enjoyed using my photography with the combination of photoshop to create surreal and conceptual artwork. My personal faith is very important to me, and I love creating images that are both creative and display a deep meaning that gives glory to God. My wife and my children also have been a great help, and they are always willing to help with props or modeling or even coming up with new designs. Every day I am trying to come up with new projects and create artwork that has a supernatural or fantastical theme, but above all, my goal is to craft images that share the love and grace and mercy of our wonderful Creator.


See his entire photoshop collection here-




Guifré Urgell Tasies (Mandala Expert from Spain)
"I started this journey ending in 2016, when i decided to start drawing, in all them ways, was what i wanted to do. I am an interior designer and a self taught illustrator. Mixing both professions is the best way for me to apply my drawing into spaces, ceating nice vibes and special moods inside! I am also a tattoo apprentice, and i hope in a close future i will become a tattoo artist!
I am specialized in geometry and mandalas, but i am always open to do whatever the costumer needs! I love to draw, design and make people happy using my art! I take a lot of time drawing and designing to reach my own style, a style which is meant to be different and unique!"
See more of his artwork here:
Kari Roehrkasse (Illustration Artist from Colorado)

Makari Roehrkasse was raised in Fort Collins, Colorado and is currently living and working out of Savannah, Georgia. She pursued an Animal Science degree from the University of Wyoming for two years before changing course to seek a career in art. She is currently pursuing her BFA in Illustration with a concentration in Animated Illustration and Publication Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Makari’s artistic style is expressive and detailed; a lot of her work focuses on portraits and figures, capturing raw human emotion. She creates organic forms with strong chiaroscuro and the use of line in her art. She aspires to comment on the broken human condition and the genuine desire in everybody to feel whole and valued.

See her full gallery here-


Chelsea Bork (Painter from Fort Collins) 

Chelsea has been painting since a child and went to University to become an Art Teacher.  Although her journey led her away from that specific major, her unwavering passion for art has led her on a magnificent journey. Initially influenced by music and nature, her talents continue to evolve as can be seen by the diversity in her works. This journey is depicted through her paintings which are inspired by the beauty found daily in our lives.  Her passion is in creating custom works, blending colors in ways rarely seen, and having her works transform empty walls around the world. Currently Chelsea’s works are being featured in one of the Top 150 bars of America ~ Aida Bistro and Wine Bar in Columbia, MD.  She produces commissioned custom works of all kinds on wood and canvas by request. The 2018 calendar is almost completely filled, but to the owner of an original work of art such as this, priority is given for follow up pieces. Each and every painting produced was created through passion. 

See her full gallery here-