Our Story

In the beginning of 2017, our company was born in Denver, Colorado with the goal to bridge smalltime artists with longboarders. It's our belief that a longboard is not just a piece of wood, but an expression of who you are; that a skater is more than a customer but an indivdual with a heart and soul. Why should longboarding be ruled by corporate companies? It's time to bring creativity and individuality back to the skating community.

What Makes Us Different

This company is made for outcasts- for individuals that don't follow the crowd. It's completely about you here. We want to make you a longboard that is the envy of all your friends. If you don't see a design that fits your style, send us a short mockup of what your looking for (images/drawings/or detailed description) and we will work with you until you have the design you love!

Brought to You By Runaways Who Like to Be Original