Your Longboard, Your Story

Your Longboard, Your Story

As the sun begins to kiss the horizon goodnight, painting the town with a glowing mixture of reds and oranges, you stand atop a hill overlooking the community. So many lives being lived out in the houses down below. Families setting the table for dinner, couples in the midst of an argument, dogs being walked, some employees clocking out while night shifters begrudgingly clock in. So many stories taking place concurrently, but these begin to fade away as you put your headphones in your ears and the wheels of your custom longboard to the ground.

You can feel the weight of your burdens start to lift as you step on your board and the street’s decline warmly invites you to take a ride. As you begin to pick up speed, the wind blows by you and carries your stresses with it. Gone is that long day at work, the bill that needs to be paid, the project that needs to finished. Right now, in this moment, it is just you, your music, and your longboard. Nothing else matters as you round the corner, putting your arms out and enjoying the here and now.

Longboarding is the closest you’ll ever get to having the ability to fly. You are free, this is bliss. None of that other stuff matters when you ride. This is your time, your story, your board.

At Exodus Longboard Co., we believe that your longboard should express your personality. You should never run into another skater riding the same deck, and your board should have your voice, not that of a giant corporation. The skate culture is based around originality. We are the outcasts, misfits, runaways, and outsiders. The ones that the older generations shake their heads at, thinking we’re always up to no good, the ones that don’t heed by the rules. So why in the world would we all get the same boards, with the same logos, that have nothing to do with who we are as individuals.

We firmly believe that you aren’t strictly customers to us, but living, breathing skaters with passion and heart, and your longboard isn’t just a chunk of lumber with wheels, but a canvas ready to be painted with your story.

Originating in Denver, Colorado, our dream is bring back that originality and creativity that sucked us all into the skating world when we were young. By connecting talented, small time artists with longboarders in the community, we’re working to bring the skating community back to its roots.

The art and skating community are closer than you may think. Both celebrate the labels of being outcasts and dreamers, and find peace in doing what we love. When purchasing a unique, custom longboard from us, not only will you receive a board that connects with you and makes all of your friends envious, but a portion of your purchase goes to our artists so that they can continue to follow their dreams full-time.

When browsing through our store, you’ll find that our boards are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, riding the line between art and skate. While made for the streets, the quality and beauty of our decks will have you wondering if you should decorate your home with them instead. We certainly wouldn’t blame you!

Custom Longboards aren’t the only thing we provide either. If you’re looking to further individualize your longboard, we also provide a variety of wheels, bearings, trucks, and grip tape.

While we specialize in helping the skating community, our dreams of giving back don’t stop there. We are a proud partner of Skate to Fight, a nonprofit helping those that have been through  traumatic experiences such as sexual assault, addiction, depression, abuse, and more. Also, keep an eye out for our World Changer Collection coming soon. These will be non-profit decks designed to tackle global issues. A percentage of the profit will go straight to a good cause.

Exodus Longboards Co. is no one-trick pony. From taking the skating community back from the corporate behemoths, providing artists a platform to showcase their talents, to striving to help the world, our dream has only just begun. Our fight is for originality, and runaway outcasts like yourself.

So if you’re looking for a unique custom longboard that tells your story, and lets you ride away from the pack, make sure to browse our store now. If none of the decks tap into your personality, send us a mock-up and we’ll work with you until we have a design that sings your song. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us.

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