Wold's Top 10 Most Insane Roads to Longboard

Wold's Top 10 Most Insane Roads to Longboard

Welcome to our list of top 10 longboarding roads/hills around the world. This list is not for the faint of heart. Ride at your own risk!


#1- Stelvio Pass (Italy)

Located in the eastern part of Italy bordering Switzerland, Stelvio Pass is actually the second highest paved mountain pass in the entire Alps. The Stelvio has easily made the list of top bike race locations in the world and was even picked by the British automotive show Top Gear as its choice for the "greatest driving road in the world."

Best Longboard Hill in Italy


#2-Titan's Path (Norway)

If your a fan of hairpins, there's a road in Norway that has about 30 of them, so you'll never get bored. Take a cruise on Titan's Path if your up for the challenge. If you make it to the end theres a good chance you're legs will be trembling even after you step off your board. But you'll have the ride of your life, and be able to add 'Titan Slayer' to your résumé

Top Longboard Locations


#3-Trollstigen a.k.a "The Troll Ladder" (Norway)

Norway appears to be abundant in roads named after fantastical creatures... and the "Troll Ladder" seems aptly named. As one of the top tourist road destinations, it may be a challenge to find a time when your not sharing the road with cars. However if you can swing it, it seems well worth the trip. 

This road offers more than just a crazy steep ride- you'll get to see sheer cliffs, looming waterfalls and breathtaking views. Even for the pros, this road is extremely risky and the danger is real. 

Make sure you bring along a racing helmet... and maybe some Life Insurance. 

Top Longboard Destinations


#4- Furka and Grimsel Pass (Switzerland) 

Crossing through the Burmese alps, there's a road called Grimsel pass that's been used for centuries- dating all the way back to Roman times. It is the only direct route between the cantons of Bern and Valais and also crosses the Continental Divide between the North Sea and the Mediterranean. 

Better plan ahead for this one: There's only a few short months in the year that it's not covered in snow. 

 Craziest Longboard Hills


#5-Col de Nivolet (Italy)

In the heart of Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso, lies one of the most beautiful road options on our list. 

The Col de Nivolet in Italy is not quite as intense as some of our previous listings, however this road still deserves to be considered  The best part is that we've heard from reliable sources that the road isn't highly trafficked, making this spot highly worth the trip. 

Epic Hills



#6- Tianmen Mountain Road (China)

Most people will say the Tianmen mountain road is difficult to drive on, given the 99 hairpins you encounter on this road. But really, what longboarder doesn't want a good challenge? This road has been nicknamed "the heavenly avenue" and if ever there was a road that could take you to heaven, it would be this one. 

If you can dodge the tour busses, and ignore the sheer height you're riding down, you'll probably have some fun. 


Epic Longboard Roads



#7 The Grossglockner High Alpine Road (Austria)

 Next up on our tour is The Grossglockner High Alpine Road. This road winds through the eastern Alps and is the highest surfaced mountain pass road in Austria. As you take in the breathtaking view and soar through the High Tauern National Park, take a moment to enjoy the smooth pavement. Tour guides will boast that this road is unmatched in surface quality... a perfect recipe for those buttery slides you dream of. 

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#8- Mafika Lisiu Pass (Lesotho) 

Head over to Africa to experience the Bokong Nature Reserve in Lesotho. While your there, take a ride down the Mafika Lisiu Pass, a road that's considered the highest in the country, sitting at an elevation of a little over 10,00 feet. The road is sometimes prone to heavy mist which can be dangerous in low visibility conditions, so make sure to check the weather forecast before taking a trip. 



#9- The Sunshine Coast *aka Danger Bay* (British Columbia)

Danger Bay has held the record for 11 years running as the longest longboard race in North America. Don't forget to pack along our favorite set of downhill wheels and maybe some camping gear- Vancouver has some amazing places to pitch your tent if your reserve one ahead of time.   



#10-Deals Gap *aka The Tail of the Dragon* (Tennessee)

Our last stop on the list is a fantastic road in Tennessee nicknamed the tail of the dragon. This 11-mile  stretch of pavement in Tennessee is said to have 318 curves and is internationally sought out by motor sports enthusiasts. 

If ever you've wished to break the speed limit on your board, this road is an epic location to do it. In 2005 they lowered the speed limit from 50 mph to 30, due to the amount of traffic incidents that seem to happen by the hour. 

We recommend you drive it at least once before riding- there are numerous hairpins that will sneak up on you. Some have even been colorfully nicknamed by the locals- such as 'Brake or Bust Bend' and 'Gravity Cavity'.


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