Free Soul Trucks Review

 As we approach the end of Winter, it's a great time to look into upgrading your longboard set-up as we prepare for another beautiful season of riding. Maybe those trucks you've been riding are getting old and squeaky? Maybe the bearings make enough noise to make your teeth chatter? 


Either way, we wanted to give you a full insight into some of the parts we offer to help you make your decision, starting with our most popular set of trucks: the Free Soul 180's

Many of you have shown a great deal of curiosity over this truck, mostly because it's not very well known within the skate community, and the info out there for them is pretty underwhelming. There's actually only a small handful of stores on the web that even sell this truck. And almost none of the stores have reviews on them.  

We've done our best to compile as much info as we can on these. Feel free to add your own comments as well if you own a pair of these and would like to contribute your thoughts! 


To kick things off, let's look at it's history.  Free Soul is a fairly small American based company that has been servicing skate brands all over the country since their initial launch in 2011. They've been chosen to be used by several large brands including Hamboards and Shark Wheels (UK). 


From a glance, the trucks themselves look pretty similar to a V2 Paris Truck (see image below). We suspect that whoever designed the Free Soul 50's based the construction off of the V2's. But really, can you blame them? The V2 has been a fan favorite for years, and Paris still holds it's title for one of the most popular truck companies in the skate community. 

Before we decided to sell these, our team took a few pairs of them out to the streets to see what they could do.

The trial setup was on two different boards.... the 40" Islander pintail and the Arcanum drop through. 


The results left all of us smiling. The trucks performed better than we had expected for the price. 



With Free Soul trucks you get a lot for your money. We found that they're rugged enough to handle hard skating, but still affordable enough that it won't break the bank.
The turning style on them isn't as dynamic as an RKP truck, but they definitely felt responsive enough for any cruiser. 
Free Soul trucks come pre-mounted with a set of 90a Orange Bushings, and the baseplate comes with a six hole pattern making these compatible with pretty much any deck in our collection.  If you want a set of trucks that perform but don't want cheap crap from china or high end trucks worth your paycheck, these are a great bet. 
If you have a pair, feel free to share your thoughts! 



  • Kristopher Freeman says...

    I bought a complete From a small company called Ehlers Longboards and it came with the free soul trucks and I love them great for cruising and for downhills I recommend them 👍

    On July 09, 2022

  • OdhvMnSDx says...


    On September 06, 2020

  • QxmUDjswME says...


    On September 06, 2020

  • HEsJcbSkAwuXd says...


    On August 20, 2020

  • vxTsOytRUZbA says...


    On August 20, 2020

  • Butch Oral says...

    If you don’t want cheap crap from China? Where do you think these are made? Just because the company is based in the US doesn’t mean they’re making the trucks here, pretty sure they aren’t doing the casting in their office. I don’t have the longboard ones but the street FS trucks are definitely Chinese and I’m almost positive they just used the Tensor ATG mold for the hanger. Being Chinese doesn’t mean it’s bad though, they’ve come a long way in the last decade in terms of QC and use modern materials and processes. Hell the Indy stage 11 got even better when they moved to Chinese production.

    On April 17, 2020

  • Kenneth Hogan says...

    I curious what the axle height is, and the baseplate angle? And do the hangers have rake? Thanks!

    On May 06, 2019

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