Different Skateboarding Styles to Try

Different Skateboarding Styles to Try

One of the great things about skateboarding is the wide variety of skateboarding styles that you can try out. Of course, you may prefer one style of skateboarding over another, but different styles help you stay creative and build up your skills as a skateboarder.

In this article, we'll talk about some of the more popular skateboarding styles out there. So if you're ready, read on and learn more about these styles.

Street Skateboarding

Street skateboarding is arguably the most popular skateboarding style today. This skateboarding style involves performing tricks over urban obstacles, such as rails, stairs, benches, or whatever obstacle skaters prefer to ride over.

This style of skateboarding puts a lot of weight on the skater's control over the skateboard. Because of that, the decks and wheels of street skaters are generally smaller compared to the ones used by slalom racers, for example. The trucks in a typical street skater's skateboard are also stiffer for more precision control when doing tricks.

Freestyle Skateboarding

While street skateboarding involves doing tricks over urban obstacles, freestyle skateboarding is generally about doing tricks on a flat surface. Aside from the ability to do tricks, music and choreography are also closely associated with freestyle skating.

Many tricks in this skateboarding style are done in a stationary position, meaning, the skater performs the trick in place. These tricks in a stationary position also distinguish freestyle skateboarding from other skateboarding styles.


As the name suggests, this skateboarding style emphasizes riding fast for as long as possible. Any type of skateboard may be used in this style, although larger decks, looser trucks, and bigger skateboarding wheels would provide more speed and fluidity of motion than the typical street skateboard.

Downhill Skateboarding

Just like cruising, downhill skateboarding is all about speed. But more than that, downhill is also about racing to the finish line. Because of the demand for greater speeds, long boards are the preferred skate boards of downhill skateboarders. These skateboards are larger and have bigger wheels than street skateboards.

Park Skateboarding

If you'd rather skate somewhere safe, or if you're all about the variety of obstacles you want to perform tricks on, then park skateboarding is for you. Basically, this is just skateboarding in skate parks. Since skate parks have a variety of obstacles including stairs, ramps, and rails, you can perform a lot of tricks on a wide variety of obstacles in one area.

Park skateboarders have a choice between public and private skate parks. Private skate parks often require an entrance fee per use.

There are a lot of skateboarding styles that you can explore if you really want to. In fact, the ones we've mentioned here are only a small sample of the wide variety of skateboarding styles out there. So don't confine yourself to just one style, try to explore the other styles that are different from the one that you really like. The learning curve might be steep at the beginning, but helps keep your outlook and approach at skateboarding fresh all the time.

Article written by: Tomm Smith

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