Choosing the right Skateboard Bushings

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Choosing Skateboard Bushings

Choosing the right skateboard bushings can make a huge difference to how well your board performs. Bushings are designed to be flexible and offer a good amount of rebound. These bushings are usually made of polyurethane, which allows them to be cheap and long-lasting. They are available in a range of hardnesses. Choosing the right one depends on a number of factors, including your weight, riding style, and climate.

You should consider how hard you want your skateboard to turn. Soft bushings are better for turning, but heavier skaters will want harder bushings. The bushings you choose should also be made of a material that is durable enough to withstand repeated stress. Bushings can also be worn down by high temperatures, water, and heat.

The top bushing is a conical shape that acts as a damper for steering forces. This bushing is usually the one that takes over when the bottom bushing is maxed out. This helps to keep the truck together. It also helps to make the board more responsive. The bottom bushing is a barrel shape that deals with most of the steering force. You can adjust the bottom bushing to achieve the desired responsiveness.

Cone bushings offer a good rebound, but are not as responsive as barrel or stepped bushings. They are suitable for carving and speed skateboarding. However, they are less responsive to downhill riding. If you like to do downhill riding, you may want to look into getting double barrel bushings instead. These bushings offer a lot of rebound and lean resistance, but they are also a little stiffer.

Skateboard bushings are made of polyurethane, which allows for a long lifespan. The durometer is usually measured on a scale, with a higher number indicating a harder bushing. The durometer range is 1-100. You should check with a local skate shop to determine what bushings will work best for you. The best bushing companies also provide charts that show which bushings are best for different board types and riding styles.

The top bushing is almost always a conical shape. It is responsible for dampening steering forces, and it also helps to keep the truck together. The bottom bushing is a barrel-shaped bushing that is most commonly slightly taller than the top bushing. It is not as responsive to steering as the top bushing, but it is easier to carve. It is also less responsive to turns and wheelbite.

Cone and barrel bushings are the most popular bushing types for conventional skateboards. However, there are many other types of bushings available. Choosing the right bushing can be a challenge. The bushings can be used to fine-tune a setup or replace old bushings when they begin to wear down. There are also new shapes available.

The top bushing can also be adjusted for responsiveness. The top bushing has a larger surface area, which provides a better resistance and less distortion. It is also important to choose a bushing that is compatible with the brand of your board. Most companies will have bushings that are compatible with their trucks, but some may not. You can also try using a lubricant to keep your bushings in place. If your bushings are dried out, you may hear a squeaky sound.

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