LED multi-purpose helmet ultra light


Product Description


- Safety: one-molding process, the United States imported PC and EPS material, making the helmet more secure - Intelligent lighting: 7 high-brightness LED back lights automatically light or standby according to the intensity of light, and the visible distance is over 180 meters - One button to control three lighting modes: shortly press the switch button to switch the light mode after booting: tide mode (light sense), flash mode (light sense), strobe mode (normally on) - Good ventilation effect: according to the aerodynamic principle, wind holes for ventilation and comfort - Long battery life: charging once, battery life can last for 36 hours, standby for 180 hours - A wide range of applications: electric bicycles, electric scooters, balance vehicles, roller skating, bicycles, etc. - Built-in 455mAh lithium polymer battery size M: For the head circumference 54-58, the user with the head width ≤ 15.5 size L: For the head circumference 57-61, the user whose head width is ≤16.6

Automatic light warning light / Brake warning / Magnetic charging / Automatic shut-down

Suit for any sport

Automatic light-sensitive LED indicator

Equipped with 7 LED indicators with automatic light sensing function, it will be turned on or standby according to the brightness of the surrounding environment, the viewing distance is more than 180 meters.

Automatic brake warning light

The helmet will detect when you slow down, the LED taillights will be highlighted for 2 seconds

One button to control multiple lighting modes

Easily switch between multiple lighting modes with one button

Charge for two hours, use for two weeks

180 hours long standby and 36 hours of battery life. magnetic charging interface design, you can charge with a single ride, safe and worry-free

Auto-shutdown makes life easier

It will automatically shut down after standing for 20 minutes

Inner duct design with twelve vents.

Made by one piece but more secure

The outer casing is made of PC material, the inner shell is made of imported high-density EPS material, the inner and outer one-piece forming process is more resistant to impact.

Rainproof design

IPX4 all-round water-repellent function against rain for a short time. For your safety, please don't ride for a long time in rainy days.

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Head circumference measurement method

Use a soft ruler to pass the forehead (above the brow bone) and the bulge of the back of the head around the head for a week,the hair should also be counted (as shown below), the measured number is your head circumference