Vigilance Longboard Deck


Product Description

Painted By: Dan Kohout 

This artistic longboard was painted with the Las Vegas Massacre in mind, and to show that even in the midst of tragedy, there is hope.

  • This deck was created with 7 plys of premium Canadian/American maple and cold pressed with Franklin Multisk8 glue.
  • Meant to hold up to high winds and downhill carving.
  • Choose between the top mount freestyle, drop through, or pintail deck.

This custom longboard was painted with a lot of heart involved from the artist. Depicting a white eagle protecting the city of Las Vegas following the recent tragic events, the deck is meant to convey that there is always hope. On the wings of the eagle are the Greek words “Sozo” and “Nostos” which mean saved and return. Unlike any other deck out there, “Vigilance” is beautiful and meaningful. Be sure to shop the rest of our Hand-Painted collection.

  • Drop Through Deck: 39" x 9.25"
  • Top Mount Freestyle Deck: 40" x 9.5"