Ursa Umbra Longboard Deck


Product Description

Artist: Dan Kohout

Ursa Umbra (latin for bear of shadow) is a design based on Norse rune art with a blue stone background and a neon bear mandala.

Note from the Artist:
"Part of my hope as I create new designs for my boards is that I can highlight cultures and people groups from all across the world. I've always been fascinated with ancient civilizations, so recently I've been creating designs inspired by legends and folklore. The newest is a collection of boards based on Norse mythology- such as Ursa Umbra.
I created this after reading about Norse warriors known as "Berserkers". These fierce warriors would often wear bear skins, believing that it would give them the super human strength and fury of a beast. It is not surprising that bears were one of the first animals to be revered by our ancestors. From as far back as the Palaeolithic (around 50,000 years ago) there is evidence of a bear cult in which the bear was seen as lord of the animals!
Although I don't recommend you go out and buy a bear pelt to wear around, I hope this deck inspires you to feel the same courage that the Norse warriors did before rushing into battle." 

This longboard is available on a 40" pintail or drop-through deck. If you select a complete board, please email us your color preference for trucks and wheels.