Universal Skate Tool, Skateboard Tune up Kit, Includes: Keychain, Kingpin Wrench, Hardware Wrench, Bottle Opener, Axle Nut Wrench, Can Tool, Griptape Blade, Phillips Screwdriver


Product Description

  • TUNE UP ON THE GO: The convenient design of Skateboard Collective's tune up kit makes it easy to carry everything you need to tighten your wheels, add a riser or open a bottle of your favorite microbrew without needing an entire toolkit in your garage.
  • POCKET-SIZED HELP: The Skateboard Collective Universal Skate Tool is slim enough to fit inside a pocket, so you can take it to the skate park, bike trail, or camping trip. Easily adjust your deck or switch out your truck wherever you may find yourself.
  • JUST FOR YOU: Skateboard Collective offers everything you need to make your board your own. From limited edition artist designed decks to custom-color griptape to creatively designed wheels, you can build a custom board that showcases your unique style.
  • SKATEBOARD COLLECTIVE'S MISSION: We want to bring you the largest selection of skate products under one roof. Our warehouse is packed with a huge selection of decks, trucks, wheels, complete skateboards and more from the best brands in skateboarding.
  • COLLECTIVE QUALITY: Skateboard Collective's full line of decks, trucks, wheels, complete skateboards and more, compares favorably to products from Mini Logo, Moose or Bamboo Skateboards

The Skateboard Collective universal skate tool is a low-profile key chain skate tool and bottle opener. Unlike other small skate tools, the deep axle nut socket is at enough of an angle to work well even in side set longboard wheels. The small size and slim profile lets the tool sit comfortably in your pocket while skating, while the integrated bottle opener ensures you'll be prepared for after the session as well.