Tinder 65Mm Longboard Wheels 81A - USA Made Cruiser Skateboard Wheels - Soft Cruising Wheels for Skateboard Longboard and Cruisers (Set of 4 Wheels)


Product Description

  • DESIGNED FOR LONGBOARDS SKATEBOARDS & CRUISERS - 65mm of USA Made ‘B-Type’ Formula, designed and manufactured in California. The unique ‘buttery’ high-rebound polyurethane provides a fast and smooth riding experience
  • CRUISE OVER ROCKS, CRACKS & DEBRIS smoothly and quickly with the softer 81a Urethane. Perfect for cruising, dancing or freeriding. Don't let stones or sticks slow you down as you are riding your board
  • DUMP THANE - Each wheel comes SlidePrepped(TM) for leaving massive urethane lines. The rounded lips break in the wheels progressively and allow for consistent slides all the way to the core. You can easily see how far you slid at your favorite freeride spot. Get some!
  • PREDICTABLE SLIDES & EVEN WEAR - The Centerset urethane fiberglass core gives maximum strength and predictable slides throughout the entire life of the wheel.
  • 65MM SET OF 4 WHEELS - Diameter = 65mm, Width = 46mm, Durometer = 81a, Contact Patch = 38mm, Core = Centerset (50%). 60mm and 70mm Tinder Wheels are also available. Check out our storefront for more gear