TeamGee H3 DIY Electric Skateboard Kit 15KM Range 25KM/H 480W Motor E-Skateboard


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H3 Installation Instructions


DIY Electric Skateboard Set New Launch
Giving power to skateboard with TeamGee H3 .Wake up the corner skateboard and get a new outfit for a whole new rideEasy to install and combine with your favourite skateboard to make your electric skateboard unique.DIY Skateboard ,Easy Become Electric Skateboard

Beginner-friendly DIY – install in 3 easy steps         

DIY for all kinds of panels

Easy To Learn and Use

TeamGee supports an extremely easy-to-use remote control. With a single click of a button, the skateboard can be switched from going forward to going backward. What’s more, the full range of traditional skateboard operations, such as braking, accelerating and changing gears can all be controlled by the remote. Starting stability and safe braking allow a beginner who has never ridden a skateboard before to almost immediately ride freely in differing traffic conditions.

Handheld controller gives 4 speeds from 6–15mph/10–25kmph

Use the first gear to cruise through town or the sport mode to zoom to your destination. Use the wrist lanyard to secure the remote and turn the power on/off, brake and check your gear.18650mAh lithium battery travels 9.3mi/15km

A 1–2 hour charge gives you enough power to tackle your commute around the city.

CE and UL compliance ensure high electrical engineering standards

Each unit comes with a guarantee of 6 safety features, including overheating protection, short circuit protection and impact protection.

10-minute timer saves your battery from draining

The smart sleep timer turns off when you"re not using the board, preserving your power for when you need it.

480W brushless motor handles even 15% inclines

The electric motor scales hills and sidewalks, turning your deck into a high-performance machine

Removable PU Tyres

H3 includes replaceable tires that can be easily changed by the rider, extending the life of the board.

Ride through puddles with IP54 waterproof rating

The mechanical components will stay dry and protected in case you"re caught in a sudden rain shower.

Ultra-portable design holds up to 220lbs/100kg

The setup won"t weigh your board down; easily carry it on public transportation. When you"re

ready to skate, the aluminum-magnesium alloy trucks will support up to 22 times their weight.

Small Size,Easy To Carry

All About Details

Product Parameter

Package Contents

10 × Nuts
9 × Screws
1 × T-wrench
2 × Bridge spacers
1 × Instruction manual
1 × Electric motor unit
1 × Charger
1 × USB cable

1 × Remote control    


CE Certification
UL Certification

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