Skate Tool 10-In-1 Multi-Function Skateboard T Tools


Product Description

  • All-in-One Design: 10 in 1 ,The skateboard tool includes 3 different of size sockets , a bearing press/remover, a detachable allen key,a allen wrench,a phillips screwdriver, a precision file, and an Axle Rethreader with ratchet capabilities
  • Practical Functions: To tighten up or relax a screw or a nuts only by uninterrupted turning the tool. No need to remove one by one. The “left/right " switch help you to achieve this function. so convenient in the actual operation
  • Prevent Lossing Structure : Used sealed packaging and the detachable allen key fits into the right side,then Allen wrench/Phillips head screwdriver that fits into the top of the handle when both not in use. Never lose your part
  • Essential Multitool for Skateboards: The t tool for skateboard has everything you need to tighten up or repair your skateboard. it works with all types of the skateboards and long boards for tightening the screw up,changing wheels , changing Grip Tape,cleaning your bearing, repairing the screw thread, It is also perfect for completing skateboard assembly
  • Excellent After-sale Service: We offer excellent customer service which makes your purchase absolutely risk-free. Any question, just contact us

"All-In-One "Professional Multifunction Skateboard Tool suitable for all kinds of skateboard, longboard,oldscholl board.

The suit included:9/16 inch truck mounting nut socket for tighten or loosen the trucks
5/16 Axle rethreader for repairing screw threads
1/8 inch Allen wrench for truck bolts
1/2 inch king pin nut socket for add, remove or secure the wheels
3/8 inch axle nut socket with ratchet capabilities for bearing
Precision File for polishing abrasive paper
Bearing press remover
Detachable Allen key
Phillips head screwdriver

Package list
1 X Skateboard tool
1 X Instruction card