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Exodus Longboard Co.

Serenity Owl Complete Longboard Deck

Serenity Owl Complete Longboard Deck

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Our “Serenity” longboard design is for those night owl skaters always on the hunt for the perfect ride.

  • This custom longboard deck featuring a glowing barn owl is by far one of our most badass designs.
  • We have three options for this deck which are the pintail, the top mount freestyle, and the drop through.
  • The “Serenity” longboard is made using 7 plys of premium Canadian/American maple, and cold pressed using Franklin Mulitisk8 glue.

In Native American mythology, the owl is considered to be an unlucky omen and the beginning of the end. We want our custom longboard decks to be the owl to the corporate behemoths trying to control the skate community. Our “Serenity” board is for those mysterious and elusive skaters out there. Guaranteed to make your friends jealous, get this custom longboard today and be sure to browse through the rest of our Animal Totem collection.

  • The Pintail Deck: 37”
  • Top Mount Freestyle Deck: 40” x 9.5”
  • Drop Through Deck with Flared Out Waist: 41” x 10.25”
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