Koston Pro Grade Longboard Trucks (180 MM)

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Product Description

Upgrade your longboard deck setup with gravity cast, pro-grade longboard trucks. These are the next level above our Caliber trucks, so if your looking for higher performance... these are the best cast trucks we got.  


Size: 7"(180mm) hanger
Material: ASTM 356 Aluminium
Level: Pro Grade
Truck Color: Black/White/Blue
Production: Gravity Casting
Bushing Color: White/ Black/ Red/ Green/ Blue
Bushing Hardness: AAK Super Rebound Bushing, 85A or 90A Durometer
Kingpin: 62mm/ 64mm/ 66mm in Medium Carbon steel
Pivot Cup: TPU, 18mm (Dia)*16mm (Tall)
Weight per pc: 462g