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Product Description

Artist: Kari Roehrkasse

This is not just a longboard, it’s a piece of art that’s meant to be ridden.

  • This deck took hours of precision and shading, because perfection takes commitment.
  • This custom longboard is made with 7 plys of premium Canadian/Amercian Maple and cold pressed with Franklin Multisk8 glue.
  • This board is great for freeriding or downhill for any level of skater.

Kari's deck is quite possibly one of our most unique decks in our collection. It features an impressive amount of organic patterns with a woman's face at the top. You won’t find a deck on the market even close to this, and it’s guaranteed to make your friends jealous when they see it. No corporations were part of the making of this board, only an artist, an idea, dedication, and a whole lot of graphite. Be sure to look through the rest of our Hand-Made Collection and see the rest of Kari's gallery here.

  • Top Mount Pintail: 40” x 9.5”