Stussy Mystery Box Pack of 5 XXL T Shirts


Product Description

Every box will have an assortment of (5) original Stussy brand extra large T-Shirts. We have an extensive collection of Stussy dating back to the late 90's. Each item pulled will have no serious defects, many in like new condition.


Your box most likely will contain at least one of the following:

-XL Pigment Dyed Stussy T-Shirts 

-Stussy XL Printed Graphic T-Shirts

-Stussy Stock Logo T-Shirts


This sale is not for scrap, all items will be in good condition. We try to be as fair as possible when we pack our mystery boxes and we try to include a nice variety of clothing designs and material for the buyer. If you'd like to request certain colors you can message me after purchase. 


Buyer Note;

Due to the nature of this sale, all sales will be final and non-refundable