Backed By Love Longboard Deck


Product Description

Artist: Chelsea Bork

This is not just a longboard, it’s a piece of art that’s meant to be ridden.

  • This deck took hours of hand painted effort, because you don't get colors like this in a single coat.
  • This custom longboard is made with 7 plys of premium Canadian/Amercian Maple and cold pressed with Franklin Multisk8 glue.
  • This board is great for cruising and commuting. 

The Backed By Love deck is by far our most colorful deck in our store. It features a beautiful blend of warm sunset colors. Good luck finding a Sector Nine that compares to this beauty. No corporations were part of the making of this board, only an dedication, an idea, and an artist backed by love. Be sure to look through the rest of our Hand-Made Collection and make sure to check out

  • Top Mount Pintail: 40” x 9.5”