Arcanum Mini Deck


Product Description

Do you like giraffes? How about the color orange? This mini deck is designed for the skaters out there that use their peculiarities as their strength.

  • This custom longboard mini deck is made for those skaters out there who look at life as a safari in the wild.
  • The “Arcanum” mini deck shape is taco concave with a kick tail.
  • Decode the secrets of the universe through the ancient hieroglyphics featured at the bottom of the deck.

At Exodus Longboard Co., we celebrate the outcasts, misfits, and runaways. The skaters that don’t fit into a mold, and don’t hide their individuality. Like the giraffe, their peculiarities are actually their strengths. If this sounds like you, our “Arcanum” mini deck is the custom deck for you! Featuring giraffes in their natural habitat, and ancient hieroglyphics ready to be decoded, ride away from the rest of the pack. Browse through the rest of our Animal Totem collection.

  • 28” Long
  • 8” Wide