Product Description


Looking for a deck that just screams ancient Egypt? Do you like giraffes and the color orange? Look no further! We give you the Arcanum. 

As the name implies, this is for the skaters who like to think of themselves as 'mysterious', possessing great secrets and knowledge. 

Maybe, like the giraffes long neck, you've been given a great gift that at first glance seems awkward to others. But it's what makes you DIFFERENT that give you your advantage. What sets you apart is your strength.

To make it even cooler- we've added a message in ancient heiroglyphics to the bottom. If your smart enough... maybe you will be able to decode it. You don't think we would just GIVE you the secrets of the universe do you? 

We have two shape options for this 6 ply Canadian Maple deck:

The top mount freestyle deck (40"x9.5")

Or a drop though deck with a flared out waist (41"x10.25")