75mm Seismic Alpha Downhill Longboard Race Wheel [All Durometers]


Product Description


The Current Race Favorite

Seismic Alphas hands down are the longest lasting race wheels on the planet. While everyone else in the race scene is swapping wheels every run, Seismic team rider, Chase Hiller, only swaps wheels once or twice per weekend.

These wheels have a SUPER long lasting skin, a cambered lip profile for extra grip, an ultra grippy urethane formula, when fresh, as well as, a super buttery slide, when broken in. 

  • 🏁 PEAK RACE WHEEL PERFORMANCE - The fastest and greatest riders in the world ride Seismic Alphas. These wheels are winning races left and right due to their immense speed and superior grip.
  • 🏁 GRIP FOR DAYS, WEEKS, MAYBE MONTHS - Seismic Alphas has a super long lasting skin. They last UP TO 7x longer than other wheels. Due to their super supportive core and concave lips, these wheels are ultra grippy.
  • 🏁 TWO DIFFERENT FORMULAS - BLACKOPS: For the ultimate speed and pure grip. Does not slide as smooth. | DEFCON: Explosive speed with smooth, predictable grip to drifts and slides. Lasts much longer and takes longer to break the skin.
  • 🏁 DUROMETERS - BlackOps: 77a | DefCon: 76a, 78a
  • 🏁 SPECIFICATIONS - Diameter: 75.5mm | Width: 62.5mm | Contact Patch: 62.5mm | Bearing Seat Offset: 6%