The Saphire Lioness Longboard


Product Description

The "Saphire Lioness" longboard deck boasts an impressive dark blue design, reminiscent of a mystical evening ride. A lioness symbolizes wisdom, vitality and patience. The lioness within a pride are pivotal to the prosperity, growth and survival of the tribe. As they hunt primarily during the evening or at night, they represent the connection to the moon and the stars. 

Maybe like the lioness, your strength is focus and patience...

Maybe like

What's Included:

-1 Saphire Lioness Longboard Deck

-Jessup griptape

-70 mm Zaza Wheels (colors may vary)

-Stock bearings

-Free Soul Trucks (colors may vary)

Board Dimensions:

39" x 9.5" Canadian maple wood drop through blank deck. 

Weight Capacity: 325lbs

Construction: 8ply

Wheel Base: 30" Inner hole to inner hole