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Exodus Longboard Co.

Arcanum Longboard Deck

Arcanum Longboard Deck

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Like the giraffe, what makes you different is actually your strength. Use it to your advantage with our “Arcanum” longboard deck.

  • This board is designed for those skaters out there that ride against the masses.
  • The “Arcanum” custom longboard deck is made using 6 plys of premium Canadian maple.
  • You have the option to choose between our top mount freestyle deck, or the drop through.

At first, the giraffe might seem like a mistake in the animal kingdom. Why is its neck so damn long? And then you realize that it eats the freshest leaves from the tallest trees. Its peculiarity is actually its strength! This custom longboard deck is designed for those skaters out there who use their differences as an advantage. For those Indiana Jones types, we also included some ancient hieroglyphics to the deck. Be sure to browse the rest of our Animal Totem collection while you’re here.

  • Top Mount Freestyle Deck: 40” x 9.5”
  • Drop Through Deck 41” x 10.25”
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