Fierce Longboard Deck


Product Description

Our “Fierce” custom longboard deck is designed for the skater that’s a savage when it comes to hitting the downhill runs.

  • Capture the fierceness within with this unique custom longboard.
  • “Fierce” is made with 7 plys of premium Canadian/American maple, and cold pressed with Franklin Multisk8 glue.
  • Choose between our top mount freestyle deck or a drop through deck.

We had the mountain states in mind when designing this bad boy custom longboard. Our “Fierce” design features the menacing Grizzly Bear (known as Ursus Arctos for those fluent in geek). Ideal for long downhill runs, or just for cruising around, this deck is for those skaters out there at the top of the food chain. Break away from the corporate giants and get a custom longboard from us today. Be sure to shop the rest of our Animal Totem collection.

  • Top Mount Freestyle Deck: 40” x 9.5”
  • Drop Through Deck: 39” x 9.25”